a nickel in the slot


Too many Flyers coming through my door
Open the morning paper, they all hit the floor
Wait a minute, mr. postman, I can’t take any more

They say only 50% of all advertising works. But they don’t know which 50%. I’m going to give it to them straight, help them reduce those odds: it ain’t me, babe!

Ian Wright MBE football icon (that’s soccer star in American English) promoting SpecSavers: the importance of regular eye tests; help opticians and optometrists put bread on the table, new shoes for the wife, and a bicycle on the boy’s birthday. Shareholders to consider too.

Ian Wright beaming. Pleased with his spectacles of choice, but, I can’t help noticing, they don’t appear to have lenses; just like the ones you model in the shop. If only they had lenses – to Ian Wright’s prescription, mind – he would see they don’t do him justice, don’t really go with his impressive gold tooth. Gold frames is what he wants. With rhinestones, maybe.

inspired by #SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) Nov. 23rd prompt: Flyer/Ad.

Disclaimer: I do not hate this product.

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